wJul 11, 2009

I like media

All you lucky bastards who have this movie playing in your city had better blog about it!!

Watched "The Prestige" last night. It was bad-ass. I preferred Hugh Jackman's character to Christian Bale's, but then Bale's mostly just yelled a lot during the movie. Still, I was unspoiled for all of the turns and surprises, which made things fun. Also, the presence of David Bowie increases the greatness of any movie by 10 points.

You can get the first episodes of the animes Honey & Clover and NANA on iTunes for free now through August 31. Both of these series are examples of realistic (they're still dramatic, but there are no transformations to magical school girls) shojo, and they are two of my favorite series of all time. An article with more information on Honey & Clover is here, while there is also one on NANA here. I have been waiting for these to be released in the U.S. for a long time!

Today's Kate Beaton comic is about the Bronte sisters, and it is glorious.
I bought a used copy of a book claiming to be a metabiography of the Brontes today at a bookstore. OM NOM NOM.

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