wOct 28, 2008

Unorganized Fandom Chatter....because I am lazy.

I can see why people wouldn't like the new opening sequence because it's a change, but I think I kind of love it.

Spoilers through episode 3.4 behind the dark mass.

I love watching Logan. Find it very interesting that he didn't raise his hand when the prof asked who thought they would never do what Lynndie England did. And he didn't not raise it in an assholish way....more like he just understood what he was capable of.

Go Keith! Pen-and-bear-trap FTW. Veronica is so his daughter.

"This girl accused me of rape last year."
"Haha! *punches him in the arm* Oh, you."

Holy shit! Between Veronica's faux-drunken sorority dance with two other girls and her dream about Lilly fooling around with girls, I can only imagine the squeeing that happened in fandom about slashing Veronica with girls.

The prisoner experiment is interesting because we studied it in a few of my classes. Also, Rider Strong's voice sounds like the English dub version of Kyo from Fruits Basket.

HAY! I can't see all of the books, but I definitely spotted Ronald Takaki's A Different Mirror on Wallace's RA's desk. BWAHAHA.

I side with Logan on this surveillance stuff. If Veronica wants to be mad at him for not spending time with her, then she should confront him. Not saying I wouldn't do exactly as she did, given the proper technology, but hey, whatever. But if this is the tiff that leads to them breaking up (as they inevitably will), I'm going to be super pissed.

Aww, Veronica and Logan kissing on their way up to the stacks was adorable.

:[ at Logan's Christmas pear story. Man, what a fucked up family.

And as for Bleach! I saw a random DVD at the library, so I picked it up to see what the anime is like (I've been reading the manga). The anime is about what I expected....overly long. It would take forever to get through these fight scenes I don't really care about, because it's harder to skim a DVD than a book. Don't get me wrong: I like bad-ass fight animation as much as the next girl, but Byakuya's sakura of doom (is this where oyceter gets her journal subtitle?) aside, the fights are pretty boring to watch.

I think my favorite characters (when they're not being annoying) are Rukia, Orihime, Tatsuki, and Uryu Ishida.

Still, episode 16 and they're already going to Soul Society? I can't imagine how many filler episodes there must be. Frickin' a. I liked the opening a lot, though.

I only have one more physical volume to read, and then I'll have to *ahem* the volumes because I can't get them from the library any more. Maybe I'll switch back to Naruto for a little while?
How come it's Ichigo who has to get stronger to protect everyone else? Why shouldn't Orihime get stronger?

Sandy and I have been watching Fullmetal Alchemist, and watched three episodes last night, including the Barry the Chopper one. It shows me how good shounen (or is it seinen?) can be. I like watching a protagonist who is actually afraid that he's going to die, and I think FMA is bucketloads better than Naruto or Bleach. Win.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 9:18 AM

Not gonna lie, the Bleach anime is pretty damn long, and the filler parts are pretty damn awful. But I get sucked into it like a mindless consumer anyway. Episode 192 comes out today!

And actually, it's not just Ichigo who gets stronger. Chad, Ishida, Rukia--everybody else does get stronger as the series progresses. In fact, Orihime is probably the only character who doesn't really get stronger, because her abilities are so unusual. Because they're not really her abilities, so to speak, it's the abilities of the little faeries that fly off her hairpiece.

By Blogger Gordon, at 11:03 AM, October 28, 2008  

It's not really her specifically that bothers me, just that it seems kind of gendered. Orihime is in trouble, so Ichigo's all, "OMG, I must get stronger!" If Chad was in trouble, Ichigo would probably think the same thing....but Chad would think that HE needed to get stronger. I dunno, it just bothered me when I read it.

By Blogger Jackie, at 11:11 AM, October 28, 2008  

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