wOct 31, 2008

This time, my story will have no signs "glittering ominously."

Haul from Public Library Book Sale:
O Pioneers! by Willa Cather
The Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix (first in the Mister Monday series)
Herland - Charlotte Perkins Gilman (to feminist utopia people on my FL: is this good?)
Andersen's Fairy Tales - Complete with nice/adorable illustrations by Janusz Grabianski
The Stand - Stephen King (I have a small paperback version, but this is a huge hardcover, with a nifty illustration. I know that a lot of people give Stephen King crap, but this and The Dark Tower series are just awesome. I like some of his other stuff, too.)
The Creation of Feminist Consciousness - Gerda Lerner
Temeraire: In the Service of the King by Naomi Novik [UK title of His Majesty's Dragon]

A PAINTING for $2.50. "The Letter" by Jean Honore Fragonard

I've been making my way through season three of Veronica Mars.


After watching episode 7, "Of Vice and Men," I felt unsettled but wasn't able to put my finger on it. As always, reading critical posts written when the episodes came out are helpful! Here is coffeeandink:
Wow, I am SO GLAD that Veronica has learned to TRUST her boyfriend, because it's not like he has a history of interpersonal violence, drug use, cheating, and just generally terrible decisions that might make her wonder whether he's faithful and/or why he won't tell her what he and Mercer were doing that was so terrible Mercer'd rather be up for serial rape. I know that would blow right past my bullshit detection radar. Clearly, Veronica's suspicious nature is the big issue in this relationship.

And lest I forget I am also SO GLAD that Veronica's previous sexual trauma is handled so well and so respectfully and not completely forgotten about except when it's being used for a CHEAP EXPLOITATIVE SUSPENSE-BUILDING DEVICE. I mean, just imagine what a lesser show might have done! They might have spent an entire episode showcasing the protagonist's suspicious and mistrustful nature only to have her trustingly leave her completely uncovered drink unattended despite having been roofied before and knowing there's a roofie rapist on the loose. I sure am glad Veronica Mars would never insult my intelligence that way.

Also read the comments! Lots of bitter people, but they point out the more heinous bits of the show. It sounds like a lot of people gave up on the show at this point during the third season, but I still like the show enough to keep watching. I'm a completist, and it's not horrible.

I will agree that the writing quality has fallen a bit, and it seems like the same thing is happening that happened in latter seasons of The West Wing, in that characters are acting in ways I never thought they would (see: The Great Temptation of Keith Mars). I still love Logan, but Piz is also adorable. I want Mac to come back because I love her.

And yes, Internet, I still love Logan Echolls EVEN THOUGH he left a motel ON FIRE WITHOUT SEEING IF ANYBODY WAS OKAY. (9 out of 10 guys would have done the same thing? Bullshit.) This might have made my love for him increase. He's pretty boring while dating Veronica, though. His over-protectiveness is scary even though it makes sense given his history. I'm glad Veronica is creeped out.

Also, oh my GOD, the look on Logan's face when he tries calling Veronica while they're both in the cafeteria. Their break-up will be so epic!

Apparently, my love for fictional characters is vastly different than my respect/love for real people.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks! Two weekends ago, Jennifer came to visit, and it was pretty awesome. There was a lot of food eaten, walking done, and people seen. I'm excited to go home for Thanksgiving and see everybody.

Last night was a 1950s Halloween party, and it was also marvelous.

Today is November 1, and I'm supposed to start writing today. I've been scribbling down notes in my graphpaper and organizing stuff, but have yet to actually....write things. Hopefully that'll come soon. 1,667 words per day, that's what must be done.

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