wOct 15, 2008

Life: It's Pretty Okay

Still watching Veronica Mars. Still in love with my same character (now with a GUN and sarcastic quip!).

Still reading Bleach manga, now on volume 18. It took a few volumes, but Bleach had now devolved into the same main issue I had with Naruto: There are too many damn characters for me to keep track of, or care about. Seriously, in the last "Who won the most popular character award?!" there were over 60 characters! How can that be?!

I don't know. I miss Ichigo's sisters, his father, and Tatsuki. I like Tatsuki being with Orihime. I like it better when everybody's in school than when they're in this Soul Society, meeting three new characters every single chapter (which are pretty damn short, I might say!). But I'll keep reading anyway. Still, Fullmetal Alchemist taunts me. I can only take so much action manga at once, though!

Caught up on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles last night. Is everyone watching this show?! You should be! Totally awesome. Bridget made meatballs and marinara sauce and put them in subs, homemade fries, and tiramisu. I think I professed my love for her at least ten times. While admiring the candles on her tables, she said, "I'm domestic as fuck, man." IT IS SO TRUE. Good times with Bridget and Sandy.

Wisconsin Book Festival starts today! Excitement abounds.

Lastly, I have all kinds of love for this article about Fandom and Male Privilege, found by

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