wOct 14, 2008

2.1 Best Quote: "Can Dick and Beaver come out to play?"

So, I'm feeling really lately, or something. Why write my own analysis of episodes when everybody else has does it already? GOOD QUESTION. So I looked on LiveJournal, as one does when looking for epic posts of meta amazingness. I'M GLAD THAT EVERYONE LIKES MY FAVORITE CHARACTER, TOO.

For your reading pleasure, I cut out my favorite parts of each post, but all of the posts are amazing! And you should read them, too!

Shit like this is what I love about the Internet and media-viewing. I'm watching this three years after all of these posts were written, but I feel this amazing sense of community and "OMG ME TOO!"

But because I'm referencing LJ user names so much, Please just go to the LJ to read the rest of the post. Beware of spoilers for all of season one, and episode 2.1.


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