wSep 29, 2008

Please enjoy my beautimous new LJ layout.

I tried to make a custom mood theme last night, but it didn't work, :/ I uploaded the pictures to my LJ gallery....can you not link to LJ images? Even from within LJ? That seems pretty silly to me! I need a new image-hosting service anyway, though. I've been using my University's for the last four years, but I'm obviously not a student any more.

I still have follow-up Geek.Kon posts to make.

For now, I have a few hobby-related goals:
1) Read more novels. It's been scientifically proven that nothing will impair my manga-reading habits, so I think I'm just going to spend more time focusing on novels while at work, and not worry that I "won't have time for" manga. Today, I've been tearing through Octavia Butler's Dawn, first in the Xenogenesis trilogy, which we are reading this month for Wiscon book club. I also have piles of unread books, now including the books recommended by Sarah Monette, not to mention Sarah Monette's own books!

2) Watch more anime. I kind of miss it, and I think I've now figured out that I can get TV shows like Arrested Development from the library, and should use my Netflix account for watching anime series.

Last night, I watched the first three episodes of Veronica Mars. It was pretty good, I think I'll enjoy watching this show. Please don't spoil me! I'm sure I've picked up a few spoilers through LJ-osmosis, but overall, I know nothing. I'll be glad to watch this series for fun, and don't really feel the need to blog extensively about it, as most have you have either seen it or already heard of it.

For now.....LOL to the Paris Hilton guest role in episode two. Isn't the canon couple from this series Veronica/Logan? He's such an asshole! So far, the only redeemable quality they've established is the way he's stood up to the biker gang. For now, I really appreciate the biker gang vs. preppy Orange County boys. And, of course, Veronica herself. WIN.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:24 AM

AHHH! I love VMars! My roomies and I spent all of our last semester at college watching that series. Especially when a big snowstorm hit and we watched it ALL DAY. Enjoy.

By Blogger Jenny, at 8:22 PM, September 29, 2008  

OMG I keep thinking about how awesome it would be if I got snowed into my apartment, lol.


By Blogger Jackie, at 9:17 AM, October 01, 2008  

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