wMar 18, 2008

Mildly Spastic

Yesterday, there was more shopping with my mom and my sister. We went to an outlet mall, so I acquired more things. Among them are some clothing, some lotion (OMF lotion!) and cosmetic things, as well as a Fruits Basket bookmark with Shigure on it! I wore my new skirt to work today.

Walking out of Bath & Body Works, this exchange occurred.
ME: Thanks, Mom!
MOM: You're welcome. That can be from the Easter Bunny, now.
ME: And the skirt?
MOM: Yes. And those bras, the Easter Bunny bought those, too. So make sure you write about that in your stupid blog thing, so people know.

I think she's still upset after hearing about this entry.

A Wiscon Book Club!
So, Gretchen is pretty awesome, and she is starting this idea for a Wiscon book club. You need not attend Wiscon to join the book club, but the focus will be on feminist science fiction novels. Our first book will be China Mountain Zhang by Maureen H. McHugh, who will be one of the Guests of Honor at this year's Wiscon.

Our tentative first meeting is Wednesday, April 23 at 7:00pm, at the Argus (right off of Capitol Square; a bar with good deals and delicious food). If you want to check out who's coming, check out Gretchen's thread here.

Some Links I Enjoyed!
1) Because I am a total nerd, an article that focuses mainly on the Wisconsin State Senate. Even if I don't get a job in politics or government, I'm so glad that my job has made me much more aware of the goings-on of state government.

2) This article by Answerman, of Anime News Network. I like reading his articles, because I really feel like he has a foot in both worlds - that of the anime fan, and that of a still-fully-functional member of society.
[I]t's a formula that has proven successful. "Nerdy spineless milquetoast surrounded by hot women who are inexplicably attracted to him" has been done again and again and it usually rakes in viewers and merchandise sales.


For once, I'd like to see a harem comedy or a shonen romance have a male character who starts out being a pathetic loser and learns that in order to actually attract an adult woman you have to bathe, pay attention to your wardrobe, learn social skills, stop being a social leper and actually become a functioning, normal adult, rather than suggesting that some day a buxom alien girl with little knowledge of human sexual behavior will fall into your lap and find your toxic personality charming and sexy.

3) OMG!!!! Joss Whedon wrote a musical! NATHAN FILLION! OMG!

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