wJan 7, 2008

What Has Happened

Where do I begin?

Ryan was here Friday through Sunday, and we had a most excellent weekend, spent with friends and stores and restaurants. On Saturday, we visited Gretchen at the organic farm she's watching while the family is away. We made guacamole dip from scratch, which was exciting for me. I think that it's something I could make by myself! We also looked at the chickens, were given a brief tour of the farm, and then watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, as Ryan hadn't seen it yet. I still believe that it is my favorite of the Harry Potter films (which are still far inferior to the books).

By the way, Gretchen wrote an entry in her LiveJournal a while ago that I had meant to link to, and forgot. It is about coffee, and focuses on Starbucks versus fair trade coffee (actual fair trade coffee). And it is here. I personally don't drink coffee, but I feel like it's helpful to pass the word along.

We also traveled around State Street with Steph, including a walk inside of the Capitol building. I love showing people around the Capitol! Sometimes I forgot how awesome it is that I work there. OMF! Today at work, I volunteered to work during the Governor's State of the State address. It's going to be on Wednesday, January 23rd. So look for me on Wisconsin Eye!

So yes. This was in addition to many other happening, some involving Antoine. All together, it was a most enjoyable weekend, and I think Ryan and I both had an awesome (but still relaxed) time.

Sunday night, I ate a delicious dinner prepared by some of Antoine's friends.

And today was my first day back at work, which was nice. I also went to the library, and triumphed by collecting about 12 books that were on hold for me.

As well as making another career advising appointment.

And yet. I'm still notice the large gaping hole in my life, which is the lack of any sense of purpose or goal. Still, I made another career advising appointment, and at some point, I'll find something to waste time with in the interim. If writing doesn't end up being my "true calling" or whatever, it's going to take a while to find a way to be happy, I think. Shit.

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