wOct 15, 2007

OMF Heroes is on

I haven't written for a while. Life got busy. I'm in the midst of midterms, which sucks. You know what also sucks? Missing a chunk of your big toe.

After my Women's Studies lecture this morning, I was walking up some concrete steps, beginning my trek from campus to the Capitol. While going up the steps, I tripped. I almost caught myself, but end up falling, catching my upper body by jamming the palms of my hands into an upper step. Unfortunately, my right big toe somehow jammed into a concrete step, am hurt like hell. A guy walking next to me asked me if I was okay a couple of times, and embarrassed, I brushed him off, saying, "Yeah, yeah, I'm good, thanks." I was wearing brand new black tights at the time, which now had a hole in them. The toe-line of the tights was digging into the wound, so I made the hole a bit bigger, and examined the damage. The knuckle of the toe was scraped (like, a few layers of skin were gone), and a corner of the toenail was missing. I don't know where the missing part of the toenail went, but before it left, I think it was responsible for cutting off a few layers of the corner of my toe. Naturally, I was upset, and had to limp all the way to work. Of course, today was the day Senate was in session for the first time in months, and I couldn't get my dress-shoe on my right food without experiencing horrible pain. So, I got to work the gallery the entire time I was there, so that a minimal amount of people could see my Adidas sandal.

WTF. I felt like crying in a "Why me?!" way because it seems like every freaking time I try to buy something nice for myself, it ends up going horribly, horribly wrong within a day. My tights have a hole in them now, and while I'm sure that I can wash the blood out, there is still a hole in them less than 24 hours after purchasing them. I was so excited about them, too. :(

Also, cleaning the wound is excruciatingly painful, and I'm going to have to wear band-aids to bed, because I can't stand the thought of my bed-sheet touching the open wounds.

Stupid steps! I thought that I was being smart by putting my close-toed dressy shoes that give my heels blisters in my backpack and wearing sandals, but oh no! I wasn't.

There has to be something else to talk about than my wounded toe.

I know! TV.

Last Thursday's episode of The Office was the first hour-long episode this season that didn't feel like it was dragging, so that was good.

Spoilers for Grey's, The Office, Heroes, and Avatar

What else. Friday was "Ratatouille" with Steph and Antoine, and Saturday was Anime Club and a party for my friend Isa, who was visiting from Missouri.

So, that party was why I couldn't attend the fan party that was this weekend. And midterms are why I can't do anything now. The end.

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