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Things You Must Know

There are so many things to blog about, not the least of which being all the awesome Harry Potter fanart that was posted to the Internet while I was gone.

LOL, I am watching Buffy as I write this blog entry. And Angel is professing his love for Buffy, blahblahblah, "I wanted to take your heart and warm it and encase it with my own."
Buffy: That's beautiful. Thank you.
Buffy: Or, literally? It's actually kind of gross.
Angel: Yeah, I was just thinking that, too.
*scene change*

I love this show.

On Friday, some of my fellow Bleak House interns and I went across the street to a bookstore that's going out of business. I could fill up a paper bag for $7....AND I DID.
Hatchet - Gary Paulsen (I loved this book in grade school)
Another antique copy of "Evangeline," by Longfellow, with photographs of places in the story. I love this poem, which is saying something, as I tend to dislike most poetry.
Sirena - Donna Jo Napoli (I love her retellings of fairy tales for young adults)
The High King - Lloyd Alexander (I've been meaning to read stuff by this dude, and it won a Newberry Award, soooooo win)
Another copy of Redwall, by Brian Jacques. This is my third copy of this book. But this one is the British version, and has a pretty cover!
The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature because I am not a geek at all.
Irish Cures, Mystic Charms & Superstitions with fun gems like, "Do not start sewing a dress on a Saturday, because the wearer will die within a year."
A Trilogy boxed set by Calvin Miller. "A mythic retelling of the story of the New Testament." There are like, goblins on the cover. It looks amazing.
The Golden Apples of the Sun and other stories - Ray Bradbury. Because one can never have enough Ray Bradbury
Lieutenant Hornblower - C.S. Forester
Hornblower and the "Hotspur" - C.S. Forester. BECAUSE I LOVE HORATIO
The Three Muskateers - Alexandre Dumas. Pretty hardcover edition!
The Secrets of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - SotE was the first Star Wars book I ever read, and this has cool sketches and stuff. :D

Needless to say, Friday was glorious. Speaking of Bleak House, by the way, they received a nice mention in Friday's Capital Times.

There was lots of driving on Friday. Antoine and I, and Jenny from high school, drove to where my parents live. Once Jenny-less, Antoine and I continued all the way to our trailer. The kids were asleep when we arrived, but woke us up at 6am Saturday. I had spent the night on couch cushions cover in sheets at the foot of my parents' bed.

Overall, though, it was a fun weekend. We walked around in the woods on Saturday morning, finding some blueberries and using Dylan's incessant talking to ward off the supposed local bear and her 3 cubs. We swam in the lake and read books and ate brats for dinner, and went for a drive afterwards. We played some Trivial Pursuit, as is Up North tradition, and then went to sleep. Sunday morning, the kids slept later, and were quieter. Nothing too exciting happened before we left right after lunch. It takes 4.5 hours to get from Up North to Madison, and I was exhausted, but we made it here okay (after stopping for soda, ice cream, jewelry for me from my parents' house, and Jimmy John's). I think that Antoine had fun, in spite of the screaming children. I hope so! I did. And, because Antoine was there, my mom didn't yell at me all weekend. It was awesome.

It feels so nice to be back. I'm really glad that I love both of my jobs this summer. There was no sense of dread whatsoever in leaving the forests of northern Wisconsin and returning to my life.

Johnny Depp is Sweeney Todd! Everybody freak out.

The now standard linkspam of hot and angsty Harry Potter characters. DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS, DON'T CLICK. Make sure to full-view the Deviantart stuff.
Delicious ANGST.
Wahhhh, cuteness!

I love the Internet.

Current Music: Buffy, season three: "Helpless" (WTF, this episode is so creepy! ;_; and sad)

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:39 PM

Ahhhh Season 3 that I haven't seen most of!! MAKE SURE YOU CALL ME FOR THE FINALE because I STILL haven't seen it!! Also, I'm now the proud owner of seasons 4-6, if you want to borrow them.

That fanart is sooooo cute! I spent all of last night reading fanfiction because of you I'll have you know.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 7:01 AM, July 30, 2007  

*cackle* Let me know where the good fic is! For the most part, I just squee about pretty pictures.

Hokai, I will call you for the finale! Right now, I am halfway through disc 4. Let me know which episodes you need to see.

By Blogger Jackie, at 8:11 AM, July 30, 2007  

I have seen very few of the third season eps, but I'm most interested in seeing the big ole finale. So maybe for the last disc or so?

By Blogger Gretchen, at 12:17 AM, July 31, 2007  

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