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Holy crap, I have so many windows open that it has now become necessary for me to blog quickly before I try and fall asleep right away. I work bright and early tomorrow!

Anyway, link-spam first.

Harry Potter
Firstly, I was reading some Q&A over at J.K. Rowling's website (yes, she actually answers the questions). I will link to ones that I found intriguing.
Link 1. (It was said somewhere in an interview that a character who had previously displayed no magical qualities would do so in book 7. Thus, my guess is Dudley.)
Link 2. (SPOILERS for book and movie #5)
Link 3. (Spoilers for book 5; wasn't in movie. I hope this means that the dead Order of the Phoenix will fight the Inferi or something. It would suck a lot if they became the Inferi.)

I liked the write-ups two of my LiveJournal friends made about the fifth Harry Potter movie. Obviously, spoilers for movie/book 5 behind the cuts. mon_starling's thoughts, and snowystingray's thoughts.

Mugglenet's list of loose ends that should be tied up in book 7. Obvious spoilers for book 6 are there.

Another post on the Transformers movie, with a lot of conversation in the comments. I find everyone's comments very insightful. I still have no desire to see the movie, and am glad it's not my childhood that's being messed with. :P

An essay: Helpful Hint for the Colorblind: BE LESS BLIND

Racism on an International Scale, a post and link roundup by Oyceter. It focuses on the mentality held by people in other countries that "racism is not a problem there," and is only a huge issue in America. Oyceter points out that more often than not, the person making this claim is a member of the race in power in the country in question. Interesting thoughts, links, and comments abound.

Oh yeah. Me
What else has been on my mind? Oh yeah. What the heck has been up with the Romeo x Juliet anime lately? I'm through episode 11, and it has been teh lame lately. I feel like I'm forever waiting for something awesome to happen to live up to this amazing premise, and it never does. It's like watching Last Exile or something. Also, what happened to the gender-role inversion? I literally laughed when Romeo promised to protect Juliet. Like, wtf.

On Thursday night, Steph came to visit me! We went out with my co-workers, talked endlessly, woke up and shopped, ate some foods, and generally had an excellent time. I've missed her a lot, and I found a birthday present for Dylan. We celebrated his 6th birthday on Sunday, when I was at home at my parents' house. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time.

My sister's cat had been MIA for nearly 3 weeks. It had gotten out the back door, and hadn't come back. I had been mildly mortified because Olivia, my 8-year-old niece, kept saying things like, "Our cat is gone right now, but she is coming back!" and I was all, oh God, they will be traumatized. But on Saturday, someone who lives a block away from my sister's house called, and said that they had found it. So, now they brought it home, much skinnier than she had been before. Now, when I pet her, she is docile, and doesn't randomly bite my hand any more.
Amelia (my four-year-old niece) sat on the couch while the cat sat on top of the head rest. "Kitty, my kitty came home," chanted Amelia, resting her head against the back of the couch. The cat stretched out a declawed paw and rested it on Mia's forehead, intermittently moving the paw back and forth, caressing the top of Mia's curly head. WTF, motherly cat love!

On Saturday, my extended family and I attended a wedding for my cousin's step-daughter. It was at a country club, and was gorgeous. We stole cake before we should have, took over the dance floor, sat on the balcony and waited for Brewers results on my cousin's cell phone, laughed at inappropriate moments, stole sand dollars off the tables, and my mom and sister each stole a floral centerpiece from a dining table. Mostly, though, was that dancing thing. Really, there are so many girls in my family - from age 4 to 64 (my mom), we pwned it. It was amazing. I only wish Antoine could have been there, but it's okay. I think he's coming Up North with me in two weekends! OMF!


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scribbled mystickeeper at 10:56 PM

LOL the cat has been broken. Or maybe your sister has stolen someone else's cat? lol It's funny that this happened, because we were just talking about it the day before it came back!

By Blogger Steph, at 11:08 PM, July 16, 2007  

OH MY GOD! I almost died reading this blog post! LOL! Cat's are sooooo weird! Well, keep it awesome J lee!

By Blogger OgRe, at 10:50 AM, July 17, 2007  

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