wJul 23, 2007

Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bull-fighters.

I feel like I'm in such a good mood right now. I think I'm still on a high from Harry Potter. For some reason, afterward, I feel like reading voraciously, writing my own stories, watching as much TV/movies/anime as possible, finding a way to play piano again, and listen to music. I can't stop thinking about the book, and I lent it to Angela on Saturday and haven't read any of it since.

I recently finished reading the book The Tale of Despereaux, and I loved it. It looks like they're making a movie, and the voice cast line up looks amazing! I am excited now.

Everyone should read this post over at Althouse. Like, wow. I love her blog, by the way. It's the only political blog I read.

Also, WTF is up with a plane landing on Highway 41?! I drive on there all the time when going from one city to another in eastern Wisconsin. I can't even imagine how much I would freak out if I were there.

I will post pictures from the Harry Potter release party eventually. I think I get shy about posting pictures of myself sometimes, 'cause I think I look bad in them. :P

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:31 PM

The funny thing is that if I hadn't been put behind schedule last night, I would have been on highway 41 near Fon Du Lac just after 8 PM on way my home, and because I didn't leave until today, I also saw that street performance from Lake Street. Until you linked this though, I completely had forgotten that I'd seen it. There were also professional reporters there and it looked scary, but the whole lot of them, performers, petitioners, and reporters alike, had cleared out by the time I walked through Library Mall after stopping at Espresso Royale.

By Blogger Steph, at 12:23 AM, July 24, 2007  

THAT IS SOOOO AWESOME ABOU THE PLANE! I want to drive there to "experience" the crazy. Lol.


By Blogger OgRe, at 7:25 PM, July 24, 2007  

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