wMay 20, 2007


I believe that this is my first blog post written under the influence. So pay attention. (I turned 21 today! So it's okay!)

I know I was in a weird mood yesterday and partly this morning, but today has been good.

I spent the morning catching up through the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Can I just say? KIND OF A DOWNER. Although, really, I liked it. The writers burned everything to the ground and it was fun to watch, is a little masochistic.

Today, Antoine had his commencement ceremony and received his master's degree. We spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with his parents. We ate some East African cuisine on State Street, and eventually said goodbye.

I had a Jaeger Bomb and a beer (spotted cow) at a nearby bar with Antoine, Chad, Chad's sister Amber, and her friend Kim. The Jaeger Bomb was sweet. I need to find a badass drink to like. Rum, whiskey, and gin have always sounded badass to me. I should try them. :D So yes, I did drink on my 21st birthday. I'm not too inebriated, although Chad said that my words were slurring a bit. My motor skills are a bit off....I go to brush my hair behind my ear and I punch my cheek instead. Also, I'm making lots of typing mistakes. But other than that!

Anyway, time for water and then for bed. I hope I eventually get around to writing this sci-fi paper due Tuesday morning. At least I have it all mapped out. It was a good actual birthday day, but it'll be even better tomorrow when I see old friends and hang out and be awesome.

Oh yeah, it's my birthday. Thank you to all of you for phone calls and Facebook messages with happy birthdays. I will reply at some point....probably after 9am Tuesday! (When my paper is due)

I think drinking makes me really sleepy. Time for bed.

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