wFeb 12, 2007

Mostly relating to television

I feel pretty tired, even though I didn't do much today. Well, that's not true. I did things; I just didn't do homework. Or put away my clean laundry. Or clean my room. But I watched Hamlet, bought clothing that was on sale at ShopKo, bought groceries, caught up on TV shows, cooked things, and read some Shakespeare. Which I guess is a full day.

I keep looking at the SCA website, and then convincing myself that it's definitely something I don't have time to get involved in, at least not now. Maybe summer. MAYBE. *is resistant to own desires*

I don't have much else to say, and I watched lots of TV today, so I'll talk about that.

Tonight's Battlestar was meh. I really hate when the show has to do filler episodes, and I'm glad that next season, we'll be getting 1 movie and then just 13 episodes. Things will work out a lot better, I think. I liked this episode more than I usually like filler episodes - probably 'cause we haven't seen a whole lot of actual characterization in Helo. This episode fell together way too perfectly at the end, and the not-believing-others didn't really make much sense. But I guess that's what happens with filler episodes. Like Black Market (Oh God! *shudders*).

I was sort of disappointed with The Office (Phyllis' Wedding). Everyone had hyped it up, and then it was kind of meh. There were great moments, such as Ryan swatting the thrown bouquet away from Kelly, Pam realizing Phyllis stole everything from her own wedding plans, and Jim waving his cell phone at his girlfriend's mock-concert. But other than that....

Grey's was surprisingly good, but probably mostly because I think Shonda Rhimes actually wrote this episode. I liked the opening scene, and how Derek is Meredith's "knight in shining.....whatever." I thought the little girl was lame, although it'll be cool if she turns out to be Izzie's daughter (doubtful.....she's a heavy-handed metaphor in case we missed the fact that Meredith is LOST and MOTHERLESS). Speaking of Meredith - I really loved the episode from the episode in which her mother was lucid for a day and she flipped out at her at the end. Usually, I can't really stand the character's constant whining and etc., but in that moment the pain was real.
Favorite character is still Izzie, although she didn't get to do much in this episode (except tell George to move back in! Aww!). I did love her line at the beginning, though. "Hey. I ate everything in the fridge last night. Everything. Including the tub of butter. There's no judgment here."

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