wNov 19, 2006

Yeeeahhhh....li'l hyper over here, :)

I have been in such a good mood since Friday, I can't even believe it!


Yes? Okay! After lots of freaking out about my Political Science paper, it got turned in via e-mail Friday before 5:00. Wow, that paper would have been a lot less intense if I had written a paper involving math in tables since....what, Physics senior year of high school?! HEINOUS. I was pretty proud of myself for still being able to calculate things and figure out the best way to calculate national averages based on Senate exit polls.

So what did I do, once the Week from Hell was over with? I went and got Chinese take-out with Antoine and Chad. Chad definitely needed to be repaid, for the 800 times I made him look over my paper, and also for making me lunch on Friday because I didn't have time to do it myself. Then, I spent the evening just spending time with Antoine, and it was nice. Can I tell you how awesome it is to just talk to somebody for hours, lying in the dark? Having a boyfriend rocks!

What did I do on Saturday? I'LL TELL YOU. I watched last week's Studio 60*. I watched most of last week's episode of The Office (JIM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!), I watched last week's Battlestar Galactica (WHAT A COP-OUT! LAAAAAAME!), and then I watched last week's Grey's Anatomy**. Then, there was Anime Club, which was pleasant enough. In between series, some people and I went for Real Chili and to peruse Avol's. I got White Noise, which I've been meaning to read for some time now. Once I catch up on all of the English readings I'm behind on, and the stack of ghost stories next to my dresser, and the books I've borrowed from Creighton, :D

Antoine and Creighton got up at like, 5:00 this morning to go and purchase Nintendo Wiis. Antoine called me around 9:30 to inform me that he is now the proud owner of a Wii! I think he's going to bring it with us when we go to my house for Thanksgiving, and I'm sure my brother-in-law, and at the very least, my friend Dave, will be very happy because of this.

Today will be very nice. I'm going to read Shakespeare, some more Huck Finn (which is so much better this time around, and I think may be winning me over for a place on my list of favorite books), and some pleasure reading. And I'll go to 'Toine's and check out what Nintendo Wii is like! And then I'll go to mass!

* I don't know why I'm still watching Studio 60. Really, I hate it. A lot. Why do I hate it? Mostly because a lot of the themes it takes to be dramatic are ripped from The West Wing, and frankly, they work a lot better there. Would the public at large care if people working inside of the White House directly underneath the president had were sleeping with hookers, or suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? Yes, probably. Would people give a shit if a minor executive for a television broadcasting company went to some questionable clubs or got a D.U.I.? NO, THEY WOULDN'T! Also, tense situations work a lot better in the White House. I mean, they're governing an entire nation, and their decisions affect everyone in the world. On Studio 60? The absolute worse thing that could happen would be the airing of the show somehow getting messed up. Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to care a flying flip.
A couple of weeks ago, there was a storyline in which Tom (Nate Cordry)'s parents came to visit him (an actor on the show) on the set. He makes references to famous comedy all night long, which his parents know nothing about. This culminates in a scene where Tom is talking about some famous comedy duo, saying, "Come on, you guys know what I'm talking about!" In a halting shout, his father retorts, "That's fine, Tom! But your brother - he's in the middle of Afghanistan right now!" WTF!!! It was one of the biggest WTF moments I've ever had watching TV. I think Sorkin was trying to show a DISCONNECT between the parents and the son, because the son is a misunderstood artist and his parents don't realize his brilliance (given the next paragraph I'm about to write, I'd LOVE to know if Sorkin had the same problems with HIS parents!). But what does their son serving in the military have ANYTHING to do with not being in-touch with American culture enough to know famous comedy? I don't know.
Allow me to direct you to a post by Eric Burns at Websnark. Originally, I had quoted things from it in this post, but then I just copied nearly the entire article. It really would just be easier for you to read it yourself. Just know that it's getting sickening how much Aaron Sorkin makes self-references in this show. The more I watch, the more I think that he's a pretentious jackass.

**Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I cried no less than THREE TIMES watching Grey's Anatomy. I'm not a huge fan of Cristina/Burke, but I've got to say it's fun watching Cristina go all Lady Macbeth for him. The more I watch Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey), the more I think she really sucks at acting. I liked her better in the first season. Izzie is once again my favorite character, much like she was for the first 1.5 seasons. I personally felt that the whole Denny storyline was lame, and I've just been waiting for her to get over it, which I think is starting to happen. My ideal couple on this show has always been Izzie and George (OMG, I love that he is now by far the most mature intern - can you remember what he was like in season one, all bumbling and insecure? Oh, the change!), but I think that if they ever go there, it'll take a long time. Callie isn't good enough for George (SLOAN?! Seriously?), but Alex Karev has been such a gentleman lately that I wouldn't mind terribly if he won Izzie over. As for Meredith and McDreamy? Yawwwwn.
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