wOct 30, 2006


I haven't blogged in the last couple of days because 1) I haven't had time, and 2) I've had a couple of things (The Wisconsin Book Festival; Halloween weekend) that I'd like to have time to sit down and write coherently about.

Of course, life happens, and then I just need to vent in my blog, so I guess I'll do that now. This is one of those posts you might be better off not reading.

Well, let's do this. Instead of writing paragraphs full of bitching that nobody will read anyway, I'll just make a list of what sucks right now.
  • Somehow, when I made the AT&T payment online last month, it didn't register, so the bill is late. Luckily, the late fee is only $1.44
  • For some reason, our bill this month is $16 more than it should be. I think most of it is coming from this $10 charge for using the telephone line that nobody uses. Apparently, I'll have to interrogate my housemates and then call AT&T and throw a fit.
  • I don't know if I just haven't been keeping track of money, or what, but I somehow spent a lot more money since coming to school this semester than I thought I had. :/
  • My bank no longer allows me to look at my transaction history any farther back than one month.
  • There is also no "Submit/Okay/DO THIS NOW" button on the page where a user can transfer funds from their savings account to their checking account. Which makes it a little difficult to shift my money where I want it!
  • I still have my next oral exam for Political Science on Tuesday....I only have to slog through 3 more readings to make note cards. The problem is that I don't know anything on the note cards yet. Still, I started this process a lot sooner than last time (the night before, due to other exams), so logic would tell me that I'll perform better this time. However, since it's me, I'm sure that the opposite will be true, and I'll actually do worse.
  • Chad says that we're not getting any TV stations on the TV - whether this is a result of not paying the bill on time (I apparently have until November 14th, though, so I don't know why that would happen) or the dudes installing a bigass window in the basement, I don't know. It's another thing I don't want to have to deal with, but you know, for how much money cable costs, you would think that they could at least guarantee that it freaking works.
  • I still haven't written my letter to the Chancellor/Dean of Students/ASM Chair/Central Reservations regarding their stupid decisions on the night of Halloween celebrations, and their relation to Anime Club.
  • I didn't have time to go to church yesterday, and I feel like I really could have used it.
  • I was crabby all weekend long due to lack of sleep (despite having an awesome time pretty much all weekend long), and I feel kind of bad about it. Also, I think that the crabbiness remains.
  • I think I would really like to make myself do NanoWrimo....but I feel like I barely have enough time to keep my life in its current "barely under control" state - I can only imagine what it would be like if I was forcing myself to write 1,667 words per day. I don't have time to make a decision right now, and I won't until Tuesday after my exam - the night before NanoWrimo starts.
  • I'm behind in all of my classes except for the one in which I have an exam tomorrow. I guess that I can be glad in the fact that at least it's not the other way around.
  • In a broad sense, I feel like there is something wrong right now in my life, but I can't pinpoint what exactly it is; thus, I can't fix it.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 10:46 AM

There is also no "Submit/Okay/DO THIS NOW" button on the page where a user can transfer funds from their savings account to their checking account. Which makes it a little difficult to shift my money where I want it!

Try a Internet Explorer, I have that problem with Firefox too.

Good luck on your oral exam

Kevin (B.I.L.)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:22 AM, October 31, 2006  

This is my first time on your blog! I miss reading your LJ entries. Anyway, I hate bills, too. That sucks about your bank transaction history, I don't know what I'll do without looking at mine online.

I didn't go to church either on Sunday. Since summer, I've been getting bad about going every week. I've only missed occasionally but still. :/

I hope you are able to catch up after this week and I hope you feel better too.

By Anonymous Eunice, at 2:09 PM, October 31, 2006  

SKEVIN: Yeah, that's what the whore on the phone said. Unfortunately, my computer treats Internet Explorer as a pop-up, so I had to do it on Chad's computer.

Eunice: OMG, I know, I suck at LiveJournal. Eventually, I'll figure out what to put there. Or maybe I'll just start syndicating my blog there. That could be cool.

By Blogger Jackie, at 7:55 PM, November 01, 2006  

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