wFeb 2, 2006

Fandom news; My journeys

Firstly, before anything else, some Harry Potter news. WTF?!?! Jeez, I don't check The Leaky Cauldron for like, 2 days and something like this happens. Here is a page on the Black family specifically. Seriously, wtf?! The families of Crouch and Longbottom closely related, and are also related to the Potters, and all of them are part of the House of Black! Dude.

My cellphone has been restored to its former self, for the most part. I'm not sure if my voicemail message is me or not. But I rode the bus all the way out to East Towne today after class and had them download my phonebook on to the new phone. While I waited for the bus to come around, I went into a used video game store, which happened to have a lot of anime (and video games, who'd have thought! They had the FF Compliation, which contains Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV - the last FF that's out for PlayStation that I don't have yet...but I didn't buy it) stuff. I purchased a Sailor Moon poster for $.99! Now we just need to find wall space for it, heehee.
I must say that when one is forced to take a 40-minute busride in one direction, one should select a seat facing forward, as opposed to parallel with the side windows. I felt really sick after the ride there, :/
In English today, we got these little piddly participation papers back, but I got a poor grade on mine and have been feeling bad about it all night. In retaliation, I've made an elaborate to-do list. Now we'll see how much I can actually accomplish...

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm going to visit Jennifer at Marquette (the school, not the town, which would be confused with OGRE's (Ryan's) school. It will be another bus adventure for me.

Seriously, how badass is FF7? I want to play Dirge of Cerberus, ;_; I crave the angst of Vincent.

I'm wondering what the website Sconex is, exactly. I've received some referrals to my blog from it over the last day or so....the main page tells me it's a website for all things regarding your high school? Does this mean that people who attend my old high school have put a link up to this blog? If so....hello. Feel free to leave a comment. And do know that after!high school is both better and worse than in!high school, 'though mostly better.

Chewbacca has a blog. Do check out the profile, where you can listen to an audio clip of your favorite wookiee.

My Wisconsin Webspace has decided to allow me to login from this computer once more, so I can put pictures on the blog again! I took a lot last semester that I could never put hopefully I can make this a regular feature again.
Here is a picture that Steph took of the Humanities Building (home of The Ultimate Fight Scene, in my opinion). There are other features that make it worthy of this title that you can't see, but for now, just appreciate the bridge, on which the death scene would occur. Note that there is far less snow on the ground now than in this picture (and by less, I mean none).

And seriously, who smuggles drugs with PUPPIES?! Could you be any more cruel?

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Yay! I can't wait 'til you're here!

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