wSep 4, 2010

An Announcement

Hi Everyone,

Here is the deal.

For a long time, I have been cross-posting entries between here and LiveJournal.
LiveJournal has been making a bunch of changes lately that I think breach its users' privacy and trust. So LiveJournal will no longer be my main journal.

My home-base journal will now be at Dreamwidth:

As always, everyone can see public entries; you need to "Friend" me to see locked posts. You don't need a Dreamwidth account to do that; you can use OpenID. If you have accounts with LiveJournal, Google, or a host of other websites, then you have OpenID.

Unfortunately, Dreamwidth cannot yet cross-post to the Blogger platform.
The alternative is to manually copy-and-paste entries, but to be frank, I never get comments over here anyway.

If Dreamwidth does one day allow cross-posting to Blogger, I will look into it.

So for now, this is the end of new posts here on Blogger.

I am still working on copying all of my old posts to Dreamwidth, and locking them. (Most of these were embarrassing high school posts; more recent posts on anime/etc. will stay here for your reading pleasure.)

If you have any questions, leave a comment.

Blogger, you've been good to me. But it's a lot easier to build communities on sites like Dreamwidth.

Thanks everyone for reading; I hope you'll follow me in the new space.
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