wMay 31, 2010

WisCon 34: Demands and Links

If you attended WisCon 34, please visit WisCon's website and fill out the surveys. As a member of the ConCom, I can tell you that all responses are read and considered when planning for next year. As an example, a single comment was all that it took for me to decide to stop having latex balloons as centerpieces at The Gathering.

Also, throughout the convention, I kept hearing people make comments about "the items that Programming put onto the schedule." PROGRAMMING DOES NOT MAKE UP THE PANELS. YOU DO. I cannot stress this enough. If you want quality programming, then suggest some quality descriptions. Suggesting a panel does not mean that you have to be on it. Takes notes throughout the year. Let ideas percolate until you have the perfect notion. And then submit them.

You can already suggest panel ideas for WisCon 35. If you would like to do so, go here.
Also pay attention when sign-ups happen later in the year. Panelists are necessary to making sure that a programming item makes it on to the schedule.

--A list of books and TV shows from the "Writing the Other: Shout-Outs" panel.

--The Vid Party's playlist, complete with download links This party was epic.

--Liveblog of the Avatar panel

--The Politics of Steampunk panel liveblog

--A Field Guide for Editors panel writeup

--Dreamwidth panel writeup

Non-WisCon Added Bonus:
aycheb writes about fashion in Buffy Season 8 [spoilers]

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