wMar 28, 2010

Sunday Points of Interest

--Viz editor Pancha Diaz shares thoughts on Ooku, after it won the Tiptree Award.

--A site with neat Sailor Moon fanart! [Yes, I am still on my Sailor Moon kick. Expect a post on Season R in the near future.]

--Legally Blonde and How It is Awesome

--30 Rock Meta! Which explains some of the complicated feelings I also have toward 30 Rock. (The conclusion being....I love Liz Lemon! Most of the time.)

--Dear Manga, You are Broken. I'm not sure if I agree with *everything* here (for example, aren't manga prices in the U.S. similar to those in Japan? There is only so much that a publisher can do, although I agree that prices can be expensive. I am very grateful that the place I live has a pretty healthy used-book market that includes manga.
At any rate, it is a pretty inclusive summary of issues in the world of manga publishing, whether you are an outsider to the fandom or not.

I just made it through the first disc of Spice & Wolf from Netflix, which contains episodes 1-7.
I didn't expect to like this series because I was afraid it would be a bit moe.

However, it is so not. I love it so much!

A merchant and a wolf-god of the harvest travel together in a European-ish world. It is about economics and Autumn and what it means for people to lose faith. Also, apples.

I love the ending sequence. The lyrics are pretty non-sensical, but it makes me want to sing along: I want to dance with the peanut butterflies!

For a more sensible preview, read 's write-up in this post.

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