wMar 7, 2010


Spoilers beneath the black, and for serious, you really don't want to be spoiled if you already haven't been.

So reading the spoiler of Twilight = Angel is what made me so interested in catching up on the Buffy/Angel comics a few months ago.

The pay-off is pretty worth it. I liked this issue a lot, and I really have no idea what Joss has planned for his arc, which will close-out the season. [Does anyone know if there's going to be a Season 9?]

I haven't see anybody else writing about it, so I'll assume that I missed something, but when Giles recognizes Angel's voice, Angel makes some comment like, "Now that your witch isn't here to cover it up," or something - does this imply that Willow is in league with him? Or did he mean that Amy had been masking his voice? Probably the latter, although the former would be more interesting!

This season floundered quite a bit in the middle, but it looks like the many, many loose strings have been pulled taut for a neatly pulled-off ending.


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