wJan 1, 2010

Question for the Audience

Has anybody read any of the Buffyverse novels? I see used copies of the Buffy/Angel spinoffs in bookstores all the time, and I am always tempted to buy them.

When I was in middle school, I used to love the Star Wars expanded universe novels, and I still pick some up from time to time, like cheap candy.

I'm wondering if anyone has favorite ones? Are there good ones about Wesley? Any good ones in general? I like most of the characters, except probably not one focusing on Xander, and not focusing on Cordelia post S3 Buffy.

I don't need any recommendations on the comics, thanks. ...Unless you have recs outside of Season 8, Fray, Tales of the Slayer, or Slayer; Interrupted.

I also don't need recs on collected meta essays of Buffy....I've been devouring those from the library lately as well.

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