wJan 26, 2010

It began succinctly, but then I kept talking.

It's getting to the point that I can't stand watching coverage of Haiti any more. Watching a well-fed white man in a clean polo talk about the hunger of Haitians while standing right next to them, and then switching to another camera showing how these Haitians were much nicer when getting their rations of food and water, and that's how things ought to be, makes me sick.

On a more shallow note, but related to the broadcast company responsible for the aforementioned coverage:
Peter Jennings, it's getting harder to stay loyal to ABC! My love for George Stephanopoulus is great, but so is my loathing for Jake Tapper.

I think it's telling when my favorite, most honest news coverage comes from The Daily Show: I loved Jon Stewart biting his knuckle last night while talking about the recent Epic Supreme Court decision: "A nation in which corporations spend money to control political elections.......what would THAT be like?!"

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