wJan 25, 2010

Buffy rewatch: Seasons 5 and 6

I haven't been posting much about my Buffy re-watch lately because I feel like in the later seasons, I blogged enough that I've already said what I needed to say about things.

Currently, my ranking of the seasons (best to least best) is: 5, 3, 2, 6, 4, 1.

Apparently I like seasonally-structured story arcs!

I've been very caught up with Buffy in general, lately. I read a good spoiler for the Season 8 comics, and have thus been reading them and catching up on Angel: After the Fall (I'll probably have at least a minor post on that in the future). Have also been reading recently-acquired academic essay books on Buffy, which have been awesome-sauce.

Does this mean I like Buffy more than The West Wing?? I don't know! I need to re-watch that shit.

In the meantime, A note with minor character-arc spoilers for Seasons 5-7:

I'm learning that I really like Dawn as a character. I don't think most people find her irritating in Seasons 5 or 7, but mostly in 6. But in my re-watch, I'm learning that, unlike Xander, I don't find her irritating at all. In fact, it isn't Dawn who suddenly matures in Season 7 - it's everyone around her, especially Buffy. It's the way they treat her that make her scenes more enjoyable. Dawn's just getting the treatment she's wanted all along. Also her lines, frequently make me actually laugh out loud ("I gave birth to a pterodactyl.")

Maybe I sympathize because it took until college for my parents to respect me, in addition to loving me - like as soon as I moved out, I magically became a different person or something.

I think Xander only annoyed me in the re-watch in Seasons 1-3. He is much more tolerable now.

Still like Spike. Still love Buffy the most (does this make me narcissistic and/or self-centered??)


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