wDec 19, 2009


I think I can explain what I didn't like about Avatar enough without spoiling anything.

I liked the protagonist (mostly) and I liked the graphics.

But I feel like this is James Cameron's "I just watched an anime and now I'm going to make a movie!"

I cringed with apprehension in the first 5 minutes, and the loosened up over the next 30. By the end I was shuddering repeatedly with James Cameron's self-righteousness.

This movie could also be titled, OMG GEORGE BUSH IS SO EVIL! I WILL SPEND $300,000,000 TO EXPLAIN WHY!!

There could be a lot of interesting discussion on bodies in this movie, and obviously race. I look forward to the response of fandom.

I recommend the write-up by Nick Mamatas, although it spoils everything if you're concerned about things like that.

Overall: It was not as squicky as I thought it would be, but I was underwhelmed/annoyed by the heavy-handedness and refusal to go a lot deeper.

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