wNov 1, 2009

Third Eye Blind

So I haven't gone to Halloween on State Street for the last couple of years. My freshman/sophomore years of college, it was like, 90,000 people and there was tear gas and it was bad-ass.

Now you have to pay to get on the street and there are bands all over the place, and you can actually comfortably walk from one place to the next (previously, it took all night to go five blocks).

But this year, Third Eye Blind was the headliner band so I went! It was weird being on State Street this year: in the past, I was always impressed with everyone else's ingenuity, but this year I was kind of like, "WTF, that's all you fuckers have? Pick something and figure out how to wear as little clothing as humanly possible and still be recognizable as the thing you're being for Halloween?" There were no costumes that made me go, "How clever!/How badass!" [Well, there were at 's party, but not on State Street.]

Kristy and Chad came too, mostly because since 7th grade on, Kristy and I have loved Third Eye Blind with relatively equal abandon.

Also, Stephan Jenkins was my celebrity crush in high school.

Look at the man!

Third Eye Blind was my favorite band during my formative years that I still love listening to. I imprint on songs heavily: when I like a song, I can listen to it on repeat for weeks (literally: ask Steph). I know some of these songs better than I know my favorite books.

My favorite song is probably Wounded, but tonight when they played, it was just AWESOME. Thousands of kids my age filling a street, in costume, screaming the words to Jumper and Semi-Charmed Life. AHHH, amazing!!

ALSO, okay, so Kristy, Chad, and I were about 100 feet away from the stage. Everyone was a dumbass, filled the center path only, so by just being on stage-left a little bit, we had a clear view of everything, were very close to the stage, but were not pressed up against anyone.
Anyway, at one point Stephan Jenkins was getting people to clap there hands AND I SWEAR TO GOD HE POINTED AT ME [there was a clear spot of empty people in front of me and my hat made me stand out a little I think], and then pointed two fingers at his eyes and then at mine in a Barney Stinson-esque way to be like, "YES, YOU!"

OMG HE POINTED AT ME! He wore a top hat and a white collared shirt and a suit coat! He screamed and sounded exactly like he does on the CDs! He called us all motherfuckers and everyone raised their fists and were like, YEAHHH! WE ARE MOTHERFUCKERS!

Ahh! I don't know how I'm supposed to go to sleep tonight!

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