wNov 2, 2009

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete

Amazon is having a huge sale on sci-fi movies/series right now, and when I noticed that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete was the only thing that I wanted to buy, I realized that I had never blogged about my viewing of Advent Children: Complete. I actually want to buy a Collectors' Edition of something I already own! Impressive.

The 1997 video game Final Fantasy VII is my favorite video game of all time. It was my first Internet fandom. Nostalgia! Also, it's a great story. I was trying to tell about all of the rampant opportunities for slash and femslash. IT IS FOR REAL.

Movie itself:
People actually bleed, all over the place. I mean, I didn't find it particularly gratuitous, but watching the original version of the movie was just bizarre, because I was all, "WTF is Cloud's problem? He's fine!" but now it's like, "Okay, there's clearly a chest wound going on, because I can tell."

I think that the city of Midgar/etc. was more dirty, more decayed, etc. I liked this! It's part of why I liked Final Fantasy VII.

Additionally, the presence of the new character Denzel is explained inside the movie, and the creators aren't relying on viewers to read a tiny vignette unavailable in the US *cough*. It made me like Denzel!

People suffering from Geostigma actually suffered, and that whole deal was explained better!

Overall, yes, the movie is still essentially a movie full of fanservice, but it made a lot more sense. I'm actually kind of blown away by how much more sense the plot made.

There was a 30-minute trailer that basically takes Before Crisis (cell phone game) and Crisis Core (video game prequel for the PSP) AND clips from the original game and threads them all together to portray the Zack/Turks/Cloud/Sephiroth/Tifa flashback, AKA THE BEST PART OF THE GAME.

I still didn't get to see all of the extras on these DVDs. This summer I was bummed because it looked like Advent Children Complete was only available on Blu-Ray, but no longer!

Also, I still want to play Crisis Core. It actually looks....good.

But it'll be a while before I purchase a PSP, and I still have lots of unplayed PS2 video games to keep me busy.

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