wOct 25, 2009

One Stormy Night

Through a link in a locked post in LJ-land, Antoine and I watched the first 1/3 of a Japanese children's movie called Arashi No Yoru Ni, or "One Stormy Night" in English.

In this movie, a goat named Mei and a wolf named Gabu both seek shelter in from a storm inside the same abandoned barn. In the dark, they are unable to see one another's faces, but they spend the night talking and are delighted to discover that they share a lot in common. By light of day, both are shocked to learn that their new-found friend belongs to the enemy species. As time goes on, and they become "friends" who can only meet in secret, Antoine and I looked at each other at the same moment and were like, "Oh man, they are totally gay!" And they really are!

I'd love to read some meta on this! Even in the stormy night at the barn, they embrace once, terrified. At the time, I was all, "How could they not notice that one is a goat and the other is a wolf?!" but in retrospect, I'm more, "Holy crap, was that an implied sexual encounter??"

There are so many layers! And I'm only on part 4/11!

As an added bonus, the animation is sometimes really nice. I love the wolves at night.

Unfortunately, I don't foresee this one getting licensed/released in the U.S.


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