wOct 10, 2009

om nom nom

Let me tell you guys about my book-haul on the way home last night. Not only did I find all of these books at Half-Price Books, but many of them were on clearance, being marked down EVEN FURTHER.

--Claymore, vol. 1 - Norihiro Yagi [Knight-clad girls kick ass and take names!]
--Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, vol. 10 - CLAMP
--The Queen's Knight, vol. 6 - Kim Kang Won
--Vampire Knight, vol. 3 - Matsuri Hino [Manga's answer to Twilight]
--Vampire Knight, vol. 4 - Matsuri Hino
--Pluto, vol. 3 - Naoki Urasawa x Osamu Tezuka
--Buffy: Tales of the Slayer ["Righteous" is my favorite. Joss/Iambic Meter FTW!]
--Redwall: The Graphic Novel [I didn't know a graphic novel existed! It's pretty well done. Have you guys read Brian Jacques Redwall? It and its first batch of sequels were some of my favorite books EVAR in middle school. Unfortunately, the dude (or, as I suspect, his ghost writers) keep churning out unfortunate derivations that NEVER END. Still, Redwall and Mossflower were gems, and I like this graphic novel adaptation.]
--Angel: After the Fall, issues 5 and 6
--Buffy, Season 8, issues 6, 7, 9-13
--The Dispossessed - Ursula K. LeGuin [Currently reading this for ; there's no way I'll finish by Monday but I like what I've read so far.]

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