wOct 16, 2009

Fringe, Season 1

A few nights ago, I finished watching the first season of Fringe.

A lot of people called this show a rip-off of the X-Files and stopped watching it. I never watched the X-Files, but I've heard elsewhere that the X-Files could not simultaneously manage Monster of the Week episodes with an overarching plot. Fringe manages to do this, and to do it really well.

The dialogue on Fringe is not always masterful - in fact, sometimes the character interactions seem almost cheesy. But I think that it makes it that much more compelling when something changes, when a character figures something out, when there's a sharp dip from the norm you the viewer are expecting.

I think that the entire season takes place in Autumn, with everyone in pea coats, breath visible, trees stark, leaves on the ground. The characters, in addition to the literal background of the show, are waiting for strings to be tied together, for things to make sense, and in the season finale (and the episodes leading up to it), we get a big heaping full.

I'm finding myself more and more attached to these characters, even the ones who most annoyed me in the beginning (Walter).

The writers are even capable of bringing huge LULZ to the audience - that lead-up Star Trek reference and then a guest appearance by Leonard Nimoy was priceless.

Sometimes the special effects are too grotesque for me, but Fringe sometimes functions as a sci-fi CSI, and for me to be interested in CSI, there needs to be plausible vampires who suck CSF and time travel and etc.

What I'm hoping for now is a more prominent role for Astrid and some makeout action between Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv.

Is anybody else watching this show?


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