wSep 27, 2009


The Honey & Clover DVDs are gorgeous! The casing is gorgeous!

I'm a bit bothered by the subtitle choices.....throughout the show, the characters usually refer to each other by surname, as is common for the Japanese. However, even though the characters, when speaking Japanese, refer to each other as Morita/Yamada/Takemoto/Hanamoto/Mayama, the subtitles keep translating it, so that it seems as though they are referring to one another with their given names, Shinobu/Ayumi/Yuuta/Hagumi/Takumi. Why would they change that?!

Anyway, now is a bad time for me with consumerism. I had to choose between Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2, NANA DVDs, and Honey & Clover DVDs. I ended up going with Honey & Clover, obviously. It was the cheapest one. Still, I feel like I have betrayed the other two. Shows! Why are you all released at the same time?!

I won't go into spoilery-depth, but I will say that I'm working on catching up on Fringe, and am liking it. Olivia Dunham is pretty bad-ass. I love the autumnal New England-ness of it, and I love the opening song that's played on piano/sleigh bells. The plot is becoming surprisingly rewarding to its audience, and I didn't think that it would be.

For thoughts on Dollhouse, I'll direct you to aycheb here, and meganbmoore here.

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