wSep 26, 2009


I just....cannot even believe the comments I'm interacting with in this thread any more. For example!

If you don't understand the logic behind the man being (at least titular) head of the household, you don't understand men. A man has to be responsible for something or he will not be responsible at all.

Well shit, I guess I'll have to turn in my Understands Men card! My poor boyfriend! I must be stunting his growth as a man by being in a relationship in which I fully expect to have input, and my thoughts respected, and to NOT BE CONTROLLED, or to not expect him to be "responsible for me," lest I punch him in the neck and say, "Fuck you, bye!"

Also, WTF is up with people posting things ON THE INTERNET, and then getting upset when people respond to their thoughts. I think that I stopped expecting choruses of, "Oh, mystickeeper, you're so right!" when I turned 14. It's The Internet, buddy. You should be so lucky that the meanest person you have to deal with is ME.

Commiseration is cool, but if you'd like to respond to the thoughts of Father Benjamin, please post the thoughts in his blog.


scribbled mystickeeper at 8:48 AM

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