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Catching Fire

Now that I live in a city with a most excellent used book market (a ton of my manga is purchased at half-price), it's pretty rare that I buy a book brand new the day it comes out. In fact, I think I've only ever done that for Harry Potter.

But when e-mailed me to let me know that copies of Catching Fire were in at Room, I bolted there immediately after work to snag my copy and begin reading it while I walked home.

My thoughts are a bit mixed, but overall, it's good, and I like it, and it's just as suspenseful as the first one. If you liked The Hunger Games, then you're probably already freaking out that Catching Fire is out and you need to read it.

That said....spoilers! And for serious, these are books that nobody wants to be spoiled for. Don't do it! Come back and comment later!

Okay. So I like Peeta a lot, as a character. But I really want Katniss to be with Gale. I think that they belong together. It almost seems like Katniss favors a poly relationship, but given how jealous Gale is of Peeta, I don't think that that would ever work.

This book started off fantastically, and there were threads of fantastic throughout. I love the seeds of rebellion, the use of the mockingjay as a symbol of the rebels, of Katniss not realizing that she is the symbol. And the books are oh so dark - how can these be YA?? They really test the boundaries, I think. How many books have the protagonist purposely trying to kill other people her own age?

BUT, I was sort of disappointed to see Peeta and Katniss have to return to the Hunger Games arena. Yes, it was pulled off in such a way that all of the characters were surprised and shocked, but it also sort of felt like the author was pulling the plot along and wanted some real she turned to the same device used in the first book. I was a lot more interested in what was taking place in District 12 and the woods surrounding it. I thought that it was unnecessary for the characters to return to the arena.

I love reading about Katniss. She is so intelligent, so capable, and so angry - in so many pieces of fiction, the female protagonist is trying to get other people to like her, trying to be nice - but Katniss is a spitfire, will literally rake your face with her nails in anger, and I love her to death.

The setup of the districts being oppressed by the government/rich district also reminds me a lot of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII.

ALSO, I tried looking for fanart at DeviantART, and all I can find are versions in which every character is white. WTF! Katniss is a person of color, right? And Gale? I mean, I'm starting to think that I read these books wrong, but I feel like the books state several times that they both have olive skin, and that Gale's is even darker than Katniss's. It was just.....really weird, and I felt pretty skeeved out.

As for you local people....I think that Keely has dibs on borrowing my copy first, but if you all would like to borrow it, please leave a comment, and I'll make a list and do my best to arrange the trading-off of the book.

Do we really have to wait an entire year before Book 3? Ahh! There is so much to say! Read it, Internet, so we can talk about it!

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