wAug 17, 2009


Jim Doyle will not seek a third term.
I think everyone who reads my blog is aware of my political leanings, despite the fact that people who are actually affiliated with my party refused to hire me because at one point, I was an unpaid intern for the other party. I'm pretty much over that (except that I still think those people are stupid), and I still don't regret what I did, because I've never been a fan of Doyle. I basically agree with everything in the RPW's press release.
No matter how it relates to me, this gubernatorial race is going to be a shit show.

A blogger calls for more manga by Ai Yazawa to be licensed in English, and I can't agree more!

For anyone looking for the best Terminator fanvid ever, watch this one, which debuted at VividCon a couple of days ago.

An interesting post about an East/West difference in expressing emotions through the face in comics. In manga, the eyes are used to express emotion, whereas in U.S. comics, it's the mouth. The article even points out the difference in emoticons used on the Internet, with American teenagers using :) and :( while Asian teenagers use ^_^ and ;_;

In disturbing historical notes, a link via Badgerbag: Rosemary Kennedy's Lobotomy. If you don't believe the blog, check Wikipedia! That shit is for real.

OMF, the SyFy SciFi Channel is going to air the anime version of Naoki Urasaw's Monster. Link! SUCH A GOOD PLOT. PLEASE WATCH IT, MONDAY NIGHTS.*

*Hopefully the dub is good, and hopefully SciFi won't edit it down so they can insert 10 minutes of commercials per 30 minute programming slot, and I'm not 100% sure why the SciFi Channel chose Monster, as it is not actually science fiction, BUT I'LL TAKE IT.

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