wAug 26, 2009

I've felt sad about the death of Senator Ted Kennedy all day long.

's post made me laugh: You did a lot of good work, but I kind of hope Mary-Jo Kopechne is there to kick your ass, wherever you find yourself.

The man got away with more than he should have, and all of the Kennedys have their faults.

But everyone has their faults, and the Kennedys did more than most ever do to try and lift up those around them who are less fortunate.

They are liberal, yes, but their consistent championship over the decades of those otherwise left behind in this country is, to me, a very Catholic way to approach politics.

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in the 1960s, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1964. Many people credit his death as the galvanizing force behind this vote.

I can hope that the death of Ted Kennedy will serve as a call to action for people who have been smearing bullshit all over the place about healthcare reform. I can hope that his death will call people to their senses, and pass a law that will accomplish a goal that Ted Kennedy had for decades.

I can hope for that, but my fear is that the death of Ted Kennedy means that Congress will sink further into its cesspool of arrogant bastards who care more about re-election than they do about reaching across the aisle and getting shit done.

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