wAug 9, 2009

Experimentation with Podcasts

Now that I have an iPod, I am trying out podcasts! Unfortunately, I have not had good luck, probably because I am so judgmental. I do give every podcast at least 15 minutes (usually more) before turning it off.

I think that my main issue is that I really dislike amateur podcasts (at least the ones I've sampled thus far), for many of the same reasons that I detest morning radio. I do not want to sit and listen to two people I don't know have unsubstantial witless banter. I don't give a shit how many times you had to record your podcast because your friend erased it; I don't care that you turned off your air conditioning just to record your podcast; to be honest, I don't even care what's going on in your personal life, at all! Just talk about whatever your podcast is supposed to be about.

ABC's This Week with George Stephenopoulus - a podcast of the Sunday morning TV show. National Politics + George Stephenopoulus = <3
I like the fast-paced nature of this show. Everyone's trying to say as much as they possibly can, and the minutes fly by. This is my favorite one so far.

Wisconsin Morning News - Useless! The 8/7/2009 5-minute podcast was about the State Fair. How come WisPolitics doesn't have a podcast? These are things that I would like to know. Wispolitics just seems to post uploads of random, unrelated audio clips every couple of weeks. Which is cool, but not really anything to subscribe to.

NPR: Planet Money - This was okay, but almost too short for me? I think this podcast started when the federal government took over Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac in order to explain complex economic issues to people who don't know much about econ (ie, me). Again, it's okay, but I think I would like it if it were longer.

This American Life - Pretentious, useless. Can be summed up with: "People live in the world and interact with each other; HILARRRRIOUS!" It makes me roll my eyes.

NPR: It's All Politics - Two dudes who are probably important (but I don't know) talking about politics. It's kind of okay, but more of the 24-hour-news esque talk that I hate, where people are all, "Person X has to vote this way, and Person Y leans this way, but s/he doesn't like Z," and it's like a string of useless knowledge that I don't care about.

Daily Catholic Readings - Basically just that; over the course of three years, Catholics cover almost the entire Bible during Bible readings at mass: one from the Old Testament, one from the New, and a reading from the Gospel.

Anime + - Two teenage dudes reviewing anime. Made of fail.

Manga Pulse - Run by same people as Anime Pulse. It comes very highly rated across the Internet. Manga Pulse is two pretentious middle-aged male geeks talking about all kinds of useless topics and penis jokes, and almost never talking about manga, but instead go off on tangents. I cannot stand their speech patterns.

I also really hate the rampant misogyny in this podcast especially! "Once they hit 40, they've almost hit menopause....They're trying to fill an empty void with penis. You can just slip in there, boys!"

Watch me vomit. I don't think I'll bother trying Anime Pulse.

Next to try are: Catholic Insider and Grammar Girl. Suggestions are welcome, but only if you promise not to get mad at me if I tear apart in a blog post review, :)

I have, however, had a lot of good luck with audio podfic.

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