wJun 10, 2009

The First Night of CSA Box One

OMG CSA BOXES! It's my first one!

Here's what came in the box:
Frozen rhubarb chunks
An oregano plant! I hope I don't kill it, and that it manages to somehow get light from my single window that faces another apartment building!
Some spring turnips - Gretchen said I can eat the leaves, too!
Bok choy
Pea shoots
Chive blossoms! They are purple!

What and I made, while we watched my first episode evar of Star Trek: The Original Series.

A beverage! It was supposed to be mint lemonade, but here's what happened:
Put a half-gallon of really hot water over a cup of salt and let the salt dissolve. Put in several slices of ginger, mint leaves, and squeeze lemon juice in. We only had half a lemon, so mostly this water tasted very sweet, and like mint with an aftertaste of ginger. I think this would help a sick stomach!

A quiche! made the crust because she is bad-ass, but I think I could handle that some time....it was like, flower and salt and water and something else that's probably important. THEN, mix some eggs and milk. THEN, we chopped up some garlic, mushrooms, onion, arugula, nettles, and spinach, and sauteed them in butter and put them in the quiche mix. also put in some avocado chunks. AND THEN IT BAKED AND WE ATE IT AND LIFE WAS GOOD.

Here are some blogs I've found with vegetables and suggestions on what to do with them. They both seem to use local produce, one of which uses a Madison-based CSA:
Green Your Plate
A Good Appetite

My Foodie Question of the Night
How do you clean your wooden cutting boards? It seems like mine always smells like pizza, even though I wipe it with a damp rag every time I use it. Should I scrape it with a knife or something? Do you then put oil on it and let it soak so that it stays.....not slivery?

I'm excited to make a salad to go with my lunch tomorrow. I usually hate salads, but I think it's mostly because I can't stand limp, crappy lettuce. But I will have salad greens and spinach and arugula AND I WILL TRIUMPH.
The quiche tasted so good that I don't want to brush my teeth. I'm turning into my boyfriend, :(

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