wMay 16, 2009


So, I read the first volume of Naoki Urasawa's Pluto manga. It's a retelling of one story arc of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy. I can't imagine how fun this would be if I had read the original Astro Boy.....the only reference I caught was the one to the underground doctor, Black Jack (another series by Tezuka).

But even without catching all of the Tezuka references to the source work, this book was great! Viz really did a great job in making the size of the pages bigger, and including flaps on both the front and back covers.

This post doesn't even tell you what the manga is about! I don't need to; just read it (I know, I fail at reccing things. Too bad!).

I adore Urasawa's artwork. The only other series I've enjoyed by him was Monster (and technically, I watched the anime and have only read a few bits of the manga). I love that Urasawa's people look like people: something pretty rare in manga. Some people are ugly, some people aren't, but everyone looks like a solid person, and never impossibly thin.

I've put volume 2 on hold at the library, as well as the first two volumes of 20th Century Boys. I'm not sure I'll be able to wait for everything to be released in the U.S. for me to finish reading them.

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