wMay 16, 2009

30 Rock

So I was able to borrow the first two seasons of 30 Rock from my sister, and they've been okay.

I would like to BE Tina Fey.

Alec Baldwin is surprisingly hilarious, and I kind of like the sexual tension between him and Lemon all season.

Also.....WTF Tracy Morgan is just like Tracy Jordan in real life! From Wikipedia: In 1996, he was diagnosed with diabetes, but refused to take medication or change his diet. After running a 104-degrees fever on the set of 30 Rock, Morgan decided to finally comply with his doctor's orders. He is now very cautious when it comes to the condition.

What I like probably most of all are all of the Star Wars references - seriously, there must be at least one every other episode!

Favorite reference/line of Season One: "I will cut you like a tauntaun."

Overall, I like it enough to watch all of it, but I like How I Met Your Mother more.


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