wApr 7, 2009

Yeah, I bought it. And there aren't just zombies in it.

"My dear girl," said her ladyship, "I suggest you take this contest seriously. My ninjas will show you no mercy."
"Nor I they, your ladyship."
"Ms. Bennet, I remind you that you lack proper instruction in the deadly arts. Your master was a Chinese monk - these ninjas hail from the finest dojos in Japan."
"If my fighting is truly inferior, then your ladyship shall be spared the trouble of watching it for very long."
Elizabeth set her feet, and Lady Catherine, realising she would never convince such a stubborn, unusual girl, snapped her fingers. The first ninja drew his sword and let out a battle cry as he charged directly at Elizabeth. When his blade was only inches from her throat, she moved from her opponent's path and dragged her Katana across his belly. The ninja dropped to the floor - his innards spilling from the slit faster than he could stuff them back in. Elizabeth sheathed her sword, knelt behind him, and strangled him to death with his own large bowel.

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