wApr 6, 2009

There is no fate but what we make.

If Terminator gets canceled in favor of Dollhouse? I will not even be able to express my anger in words. I already tried, but I just....what the fuck, man.

So Sarah Connor and Cameron don't dress in skimpy outfits every week. In fact....THEY HAVE AGENCY! This show is smart, the actors are incredibly attractive, the music is AMAZING, and the plot is so tightly-written that I would give anything to be a fly on the wall in these writers' meetings.

Why are the ratings falling in the first place? Wasn't this show doing pretty well in season one? Then halfway through season two, the ratings dropped A LOT when they freaking moved the night to Friday night so it could be next to fucking Dollhouse.

Do you need this show to be pimped at you?? 's post does a pretty awesome job! I quote it here, with spoilers for Season One omitted.
Based on the Terminator movies. In the future, robots take over and kill nearly everyone, except for a bunch of raggedy fighters led by John Connor. In the first movie, the robots send one of their own back to kill Sarah Connor, John's mother, and prevent his birth. This doesn't work out.

The series picks up with Sarah Connor as a hard-as-steel fighter, her teenage son John who is trying very valiantly not to be as emo as he has every right to be, and their protector, the spooky-funny-beautiful terminator played by Summer Glau (River from Firefly), in possibly the best portrayal I've seen on TV of a genuinely non-human intelligence. They're all trying to stop the creation of Skynet, the AI which launches the war against humanity. Clever time paradoxes, great action sequences, some very touching relationships, and excellent storytelling proceed from there.


Cameron is unsurprisingly a scene-stealer, but what's most intriguing to me is how inhuman she is, and how her most evocative moments - dancing in her room, observing the bar of metal that perhaps becomes her own skeleton, watching her ancestors in the hall of robots, giving John a terrifyingly fake wink of complicity, letting him remove the chip that is her self - suggest not the growth of humanity, but new development along an entirely different path.

Derek is just the best portrayal of PTSD I've ever seen on the small screen, and it is slightly disturbing to me how much I identified with him. He is most excellently fucked up, and in a very different way from Sarah or John - he's actually lived through the future, and the past never seems to feel quite real to him. I also like the way his first suggestion is always to blow something up. You can feel the weight of the future in his eyes, and his casual remarks: "Of course the mall's a concentration camp now."

Ellison is so smart and quiet and thoughtful. His faith is clearly real, not tacked-on....

I love that John tries so hard. I love that Sarah does pull-ups on a swing-set. I love that the show is full of metaphors like Sarah doing pull-ups on a swing-set.

Write letters.

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