wApr 5, 2009

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Now that Funimation has the subbed version of the anime Romeo x Juliet streaming for free on their website, I might finally finish the damn thing. Today I watched episode 15 and 16. This series started off with a lot of promise, but is just....not holding good on it, for me. I want to see it through to the end to see what happens, but I don't have much hope.

I mean....come on! It's Shakespeare, it's dripping with so much angst that the pages of the play are practically wet with blood. Everyone has emo, there are swords, and the anime version had added bonuses! An inversion of gender roles, giving Juliet an entirely new identity of the Red Whirlwind, a mix-up of the premise, an impoverished city, etc. Even the addition of characters from other plays (Hermione, Regan, etc.) give the writers practically unlimited ranges of angst and characters, but they just use their names and genders, and that's about it. The show devolves into low-budget animation and storylines I don't give a toss about.

This seems to happen in a large number of animes for me, and it's why an interesting premise for a movie/TV show/book/whatever is never enough of a selling point for me. Because no matter how interesting it starts off, it can end in a lackluster way. Scrapped Princess was like that for me. Ditto with Darker Than Black, Witch Hunter Robin, Code Geass, Paranoia Agent.

While it's certainly no Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, here are links to people talking about this week's Dollhouse:
meganbmoore here and here.
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The Asian Women Carnival #1 is up.

Rachel Manija Brown is hosting The Incomprehensible Awards! Continued here.

Funimation is going to be streaming episodes of the new Fullemtal Alchemist just 4 days after it airs in Japan!! For those unfamiliar, this new series will be more heavily based on the manga. [ie, it will be better!] But it starts at the beginning, so you needn't have seen the first series to watch this one.

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