wApr 22, 2009

100% Perfect Girl, vol. 1-2

[A side note for those who are possibly confused: "manhwa" is what it's called when the manga-esque graphic novels originate in Korea.]

100% Perfect Girl is about a girl named Jay Jin meeting a prince named J, future king of the European country Roinne. Jay is a fashionable teenager who wants to paint, but is expected to give up her dreams so that her brother's schooling can be paid for by their entire family. J is a heinously rich prince who leads a country that apparently pisses gold. Of course, they meet briefly and fall in love. They are separated and, like the Prince in Cinderella with loads of money in the 21st century, J. rents billboards all over Korea that say, J is looking for J. They meet again!

Everything was charming and idyllic.

Until J tried to rape Jay, and then proposed to her the next day, and she accepted. DESPITE THIS, I valiantly finished volume 2 to see if anything was redeemable (ie, Jay killed a motherfucker). Instead, there was lots of dialogue about J. loving Jay, and therefore needing to own her.

He is given angst by obtaining a backstory about his mother being killed by an assassin....therefore it's acceptable for him to control every aspect of Jay's life so that she has no freedom, because then HE might get hurt if she goes away!

So anyway, despite the rather pretty artwork, I don't think I'll be reading any more of this series.

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