wMar 19, 2009

I have things to say.....!

....About Battlestar Galactica.

And ya, rly, I am still about 8 episodes behind or some shit.

BUT TOO BAD. At least you don't have to fear spoilers.

So I remember last year, I was reading Ron D. Moore's blog post about what he thought about the series finale of the Sopranos.

And I don't have a link, but he was basically all like, "Dude! They left it open-ended, just like life, and that was so awesome! Nothing was answered. People just went on living!"

And I think my mental response was something like, "You fucker! If you end Battlestar Galactica without answering everything, I will hunt you down and torture you for doing nothing but ripping off good TV shows instead of writing your own damn storylines (see: Sopranos ending; various episodes of The West Wing, which does so many things better).

It kind of sickens me that the UN had a panel about Battlestar Galactica to talk about global problems. Like, seriously, in all of fiction, you pick fucking Battlestar Galactica to look at problem-solving?? I would be like, "Hey remember when you created a black market and a heinous back-story for a main character, which was NEVER REFERRED TO AGAIN? Except the black market, which you used as a plot device to kill off a character you were too lazy to properly write out!" They can't even fully unpack issues on the show! Why take it to the global level!

Battlestar Galactica is like an ex who I used to be madly in love with and then it did something disgusting, like revealing a secret hatred for puppies that I could never get over. SHOW, YOU USED TO MEAN SOMETHING TO ME. One day, I will finish season 4!


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