wFeb 14, 2009

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days

Angelic Days takes the characters and setting of Neon Genesis Evangelion and reimagines what would happen if nobody's parents were dead, and if nobody had any psychological problems.

Frankly, given the nature of the original Evangelion, that is super disturbing.

On the surface level, Angelic Days has a useless shoujo romance plot. Every character tires their hardest at everything, be it pulling weeds or washing dishes or doing any other mundane task that somehow benefits humanity at large every time it is performed. Also, everybody likes somebody else, and they all blushingly tell each other who they like, and everyone is mature and responsible and happy.

Normally, I hate plots like these unless they are truly memorable and well-done (Land of the Blindfolded is the best I can think of, in this regard).

But because it's Evangelion, it just made my skin crawl.

Rei is out-going and likeable. Shinji and Asuka have a romantic relationship. Yui Ikari is alive and well.

WTF probably sums up my reactions most succinctly.

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