wFeb 1, 2009

Battlestar Galactica

So clearly I haven't given up on this show because I'm still watching it.

But it lost a lot of credibility with me when it revealed Tigh, Tyrol, Tory, and Anders as Cylons. Given the rules that we received, it makes no sense that Tigh = Cylon, given his age. And it's clear that Tory was not a planned character, as Billy only died because the actor wanted to get on to a different show. I don't think Anders was intended to be a main character, either. It's super annoying to me, and I can't let it go, as the premise of the show is that There Is A Plan, but when they rolled out episodes like Black Market and half-assed attempts at The Abortion Episode and The Workers' Revolt Episode, it became increasingly obvious that there was no plan. At all.
So, yeah, annoyed. Even more than losing a well-written plot, I feel that the show lost its original focus. In the beginning, it was about humanity on the run. With no resources. Why does Doc Cottle still have bandages? How do they get usable water? What are the members of the fleet eating? Do they rotate members of non-military ships? Isn't everyone stir-crazy and ready to kill each other? How come the Quorum/the press are always asking stupid and antagonistic questions? How come there aren't more injured people from battle? Why aren't more people cracking psychologically from battle/loss/despair? 'Cause that was the show I signed up for. The only Cylons I still care about watching are Boomer (no other 8s) and Leoben. I am SO BORED with everything else related to them: hybrids, babies, visions, basestars, whatever.

Anyway, that's why it's been difficult for me to keep up and be super excited about BSG. BUT, it's been what, six years since it started? [And that's another thing that pisses me off! WTF is up with the Sci-Fi channel splitting seasons up and waiting months-years between chunks to show more? It loses fandom momentumI am totally seeing this through.

I love Lee in his adorable shirts. Political!Lee has resumed his place as my favorite character, as he was in the beginning of the series, with Starbuck as a close second.

I'm pretty sick of watching Adama Sr. argue in loud whispers inches away from people's faces. Of course, just when I thought this, he and Tigh started punching each other and it was bad-ass.

But then there was the scene with Romo Lemkin pointing a gun at Lee, and suddenly there was a dead cat being carried around in a bag. WTF, BSG, WTF.

And then they ended it with everyone angsting beautifully in a post-apocalyptic Earth. POST-APOCALYPTIC EARTH! THE ONLY WAY THIS SHOW COULD HAVE GOTTEN MORE HEINOUS/AMAZING.

I've heard people say that Starbuck and Apollo have been totally bad-ass in the most recent episode, which makes me more eager to catch up (that and the two major plot points I"ve been spoiled for).


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