wJan 1, 2009

Why is everybody surrounding my apartment loud? Doesn't anybody else work tomorrow?!

I had meant to clean my apartment much more than I actually did today. Ryan is visiting me this weekend, so hopefully I....do that at some point.

Increasingly, personal posts of any nature are being made behind locked posts at LiveJournal. So if any of you want to read anything besides my thoughts on books, manga, anime, movies, and video games, I suggest getting an LJ account and letting me know what your handle is, so that I can friend you and let you in (if I want to, of course!).

I tried to go see the movie "Milk" late afternoon, but it was sold out. So instead, I went to Gretchen's apartment to join her, her girlfriend, and Sandy in a game of Starfarers of Catan. I liked it a lot! I like that game more than Settlers of Catan, I think.

I started to do a year-end report on all of the books I had read this year, with stats on male:female, white:people of color, manga:books, and whatever. But after I had counted everything, I realized that I never got around to using my syllabi to update my booklog with all of the stuff I had read for class, :(

Anyway, my completely booklog is kept here, where it lists what I've read for the last 7 years or so. You'll have to scroll a lot to get down to where the table actually begins, unfortunately. Blogger doesn't perform well with tables, and the post is literally too long to be made in LiveJournal. BWAHAHAHA. I'll update it whenever I take the time to find those syllabi. I guess this is why it's a New Year's resolution, and why it isn't already accomplished.

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