wDec 12, 2008

Yes, this is how I read so much manga

A Key!
HT = home town
CT = current town

So, this morning I realize two things: 1) I'm going to be in HT a week from today, and 2) I get to be on the computer all day at work. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! It means that I planned on gleefully spending all day compiling a heinous number of holds at the HT library on volumes of manga which they have but my CT library does not.


But then I encountered woe!

On the HT library's website (which uses the same interface as CT's!), it treats manga series as one book. So when I try to put, say, 14 volumes of Claymore on hold, only "Claymore" shows up on my list of holds request.

So I call the HT library (praying to God that I don't get the same librarian who had to tell me my pin number) and ask what's up.
"Oh, right! Unfortunately on our website, you can't request specific volumes; you have to call or come in, and have a librarian do it for you."

WHAT. What a terrible system! I mean, my God, I am on CT's library website multiple times every day, seeing when the next volume of High School Debut will be available for pick-up, or how many episodes of D.Gray-Man and Fullmetal Alchemist I can get! If CT made me call or come in, they would get so sick of me that they would probably change the interface JUST FOR ME.

I got a pile of Claymore, Gin Tama, One Piece, and Lovely Complex.

BUT YOU GUYS, WHAT IF I THINK OF MOAR?! [For example: Damn it, I just realized I forgot about W Juliet!]

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