wDec 17, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A declaration of love

Yes, I shamelessly steal other people's posts when they are amazing, in the hope that others might read it, and feel the same way.

By Coffeeandink, and I don't know what to add except that I agree with everything she says about this show. PEOPLE, PLEASE WATCH IT!!

I want to say something passionate and convincing about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, something that will convince you all that this is the BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION, that will make you watch it, that will reprieve it from the imminent danger of cancelation, something about the prominence of women and women relating to women and women not talking about men and about the uncharacteristic depictions of men too, and the casual presence of characters of color in the main cast and among the significant supporting characters, about how it has a sympathetic non-othered transgender character in a one-off, about how in its episodes set in Mexico the Mexican cops aren't corrupt and venal they're just pretty smart guys doing a good job, about how the secondary characters and one-offs all feel so fully rounded and human, about how the second season is even better than the first, about how it WILL BREAK MY HEART if I don't see the long-term arcs building to fulfillment, about how this is Buffy's true heir in the complicated examinations of networks of affinity, affection, and circumstance and the conflicts between community and individuality, about how it's about ordinary, mixed-up people becoming heroes and heroes having feet of clay and still walking forward on them anyway, about how it's not perfect but god it's trying, about about about about.

But I can't. I just love this show too much to be coherent about it. WATCH IT.

[Her original post is here.]


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