wDec 23, 2008


So I love the humor in this game. This is my first Final Fantasy with voice-acting, and all of the actors do a fantastic job. My favorite voice-acting moments thus far:

Balthier: ....I always knew she didn't like to be tied up....


Vaan: So, that Viera said something about 50 years ago.....How old did you say you were again?
And everyone stops moving, and glares at him. Even Basch and Ashe make disgusted noises! Too funny!

Old wrinkly dude with eyes clothes, on the throne. Everyone is silent, waiting.
Vaan: ....Is he sleeping?

I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. I had to due a lot of leveling up to be able to get through the Henne Mines, but even now I'm at the Stilshine of Miriam, and it is fucking brutal. I hope I saved somewhere where I can still run outside and level up. Otherwise I'm effed.
This game is one of the more frustrating in terms of getting through lots of stuff and then dying before being able to get to a save point. I can't remember having to replay stuff so many times since Final Fantasy Tactics.

I loved the cutscene with Vayne framing the Senate for killing his own father. OMG there must be Gabranth/Drace fanfiction!! And yes, poor Larsa.

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